Due to Covid-19 there are no events planned at present

It doesn’t look like bar and club events will be returning anytime soon,but they will eventually. It’s a difficult time, we’re all missing things, missing people and places but it’s also an opportunity to reflect on priorities, focus on important things and to take care of ourselves and others. Be nice, stay positive and stay well 😊

Thank you for your support

Updates will be posted here and on social media


Geared began in May 2013 at Fibber Magee's and we've subsequently
 held over 50 fetish events there. Our efforts are all voluntary and non profit. 

During those years we've also been proud to host Bondage Workshops, fundraising activities and participated in Dublin Pride. We also devised and produced Leather Pride Dublin and various titleholder competitions, including Mr Leather Ireland.   


Our objective and priority has always been to provide fetish events here in Ireland 
and help to develop a local fetish community so people could have a local alternative
 to travelling to larger International events. 

The purpose of titleholder competitions was to help stimulate interest and generate awareness, on the understanding that the participants and winners, in return for the 
benefits they enjoy, would continue to support and promote future Geared events. 


Event Dress Code
Leather/Biker. Rubber, Military, Skinhead, Pup, Workwear, Sportgear, Underwear, Restraints,Burlesque, Corsetry & more
 We realise that not everyone can afford expensive gear and that's why we have made our dress code as wide and as flexible as possible, while maintaining the fetish gear theme. 

Please feel free to contact us in advance if you want to come and are unsure about your gear or if you have any other questions about the event.

No sex or drugs on the premises
 We want everyone who comes to enjoy themselves but also to respect the venue, the organisers, volunteers and staff.  No sex or drugs in the toilets or anywhere else on the premises. 

If you have any questions you can contact us:  info@gearedireland.com

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